Kara Wood Designs

Eric Kara
John Kara

Kara Wood Designs has been creating wonderful woodwork for over 20 years. All of the shapes and patterns are original designs done by John Kara. The business started in the early 1990's and consisted strictly of collapsible baskets. Years later, John got the idea to angle-cut different shapes such as angels, trees and crosses. Since then, the business has evolved into what you see here today.

Recently Eric Kara, John's son, has started his own branch of the business. Both John's and Eric's wives, Carol and Rebecca, also assist in the production and sale of the products.

Kara Wood Designs can be found all over the world but especially up and down the East coast of the U.S. The business is based out of Southwestern Pennsylvania, 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.

Carol Kara

If you would like to contact us for whatever reason, please feel free to do so. We love hearing feedback from our customers and fellow artists. Jphn and Eric Kara at work